An innovation space for applied data science and rapid prototype development.



Algospark is an innovation space for applied data science and rapid experimentation. We produce insights, build prototypes, quantify value and fast track the delivery of new ideas.



New service ideas or process change projects can be expensive and involve long development timeframes. Our innovation space fast tracks design while minimising wider organisational dependencies. That means you save significant time and money.



We begin from a user centric perspective, use a data driven approach to design and then develop prototypes using a business agile process. We combine the best elements of service design, pragmatic data science and financial evaluation.


Algospark projects span a wide range of challenges and use cases across various industries. Our insight, design and prototypes deliver new service offerings and increase process efficiency. We ensure that quantification and maximizing value is at the heart of our solutions.

Our prototypes cover a mix of techniques that include forecasting, recommending, prioritising, anomaly detection, matching, clustering and allocating. They are designed with leading data science applications and cloud based web frameworks to ensure easy transition from prototype to full scale solutions.

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  • Scoping Phase - Initial analysis and insight with preliminary value quantification
  • Design Phase - Applied insight, prototypes, business case and project plan
  • Delivery Phase - Partner with delivery specialists for project roll out and full value realisation


We are a collective of partners with skills that span data science, customer experience, service design, finance and technology.

Algospark is led by Darren Wilkinson who has over 15 years experience leading and managing service innovation and analytics projects across numerous industries. Darren's expertise includes strategy, data science, corporate finance, programme management and technology.

We use Algospark as a innovation space to explore and fast track new ideas.


Organisations we have worked with:

Social Kemistri Aqovia London Borough of Merton Pearson Ford JLR



Assessment Profiler

A classification and feedback tool to streamline adult social care needs assessments. Ensures consistent needs classification, ongoing wellbeing feedback and predictions of future needs. Target 40% process time savings, and cost savings from reducing future hospital visits.

CX Profiler

CX Profiler

A profiling engine for designing customer experiences based on user preferences and personality types. Expected sales conversion rate increase of 5-10%.


Word Predictor

A word prediction tool trained on tweets, blogs and news articles. Built as a foundation for Natural Language Processing (NLP) projects such as document classification and automated responses.

Care Package Allocator

Care Package Allocator

A prototype care supplier selection algorithm for care commissioners. Ensures suppliers are prioritized and selected faster to reduce care brokerage requirements. Expected savings of 25% brokerage time.

Product Precision

Product Precision

A product sales prediction tool, dashboard and analytics suite for retailers. Combines historic transaction data with open data sets to drive insights on sales forecasting and product portfolio optimisation. Target sales uplift of 5%+ and operational savings of 5%+.

Build My Round

Build My Round

A scheduling and team resource optimisation tool for private tutoring, home care delivery and other time slot based services delivered to homes. Target 10% efficiency savings.

Yellow Arrows

Yellow Arrows

Machine learning algorithms to predict opportunities and challenges across business operations. Includes supply chain triggers, recommendation engines, advertising optimization, sales forecasting and HR analytics.

Device Mix

Algorithmic Trading

Advisory, development and backtesting of automated US equities strategies using Quantopian Python environment.