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Product sales forecasting framework for hospitality chains
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Co-ordinated product sales forecasting across ordering, staffing and production. This means you serve fresher food, waste less and have the right people working at the right time.

We bring together data, AI and technology to forecast product sales and integrate these forecasts to other operations processes. We use trading history, location factors, weather, holidays, events and other parameters that affect your business. Our framework produces product forecasts and manages their use across:

  •  Ordering (which ingredients)
  •  Staffing (how products will be delivered by which roles)
  •  Production (timing for preparation and delivery)

Data Driven Hospitality is a flexible framework that works alongside your existing systems.

Data Driven Hospitality

Client profile

  • Multi-site retail / hospitality chains
  • Service led organisations looking to improve operations and customer experience
  • Multi-product offering with on-site production
  • Fresh products with perishable ingredients


  • No more spreadsheets and disparate systems
  • Increased staff productivity - right roles at the right time
  • Increased product availability and optimised waste levels
  • Improved product freshness - right products at the time the time
  • Higher customer satisfaction- faster service with fresher products
  • Improved profitability


Data Driven Hospitality is delivered by Algospark, specialists in design and delivery of analytics and artificial intelligence solutions.

  • Designed and delivered to fit with your bespoke requirements
  • Delivered as a flexible platform that interfaces with other hospitality systems
  • Flexible hosting and support model to fit your technology requirements

Success story

Gail’s Bakery use Data Driven Hospitality for product sales forecasting to drive operational efficiency across their stores. Our co-ordinated approach has helped drive sales growth with better product availability, fresher food and lower waste levels.

Innovation Lab for Data Driven Hospitality

We are constantly looking for ways to innovate our approach and frameworks. We are currently working on applied computer vision AI to streamline stock counts and generate production metrics without filling in forms. Our computer vision AI is also being tested on production tables, ovens and fridges. It will generate insight on product freshness, preparation time and product availability throughout the day. We are always keen to explore innovation and would be delighted to discuss ideas and opportunities.

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