Enabling Automated Compliance for Marketing

14 January 2024

Are you looking to improve consistency in marketing compliance decisions and remove time following tedious check lists? Would you like to move from report preparation to report verification? We work with busy marketing and legal teams in the food, drink, retail or healthcare sector to streamline marketing content approval processes using applied AI.

Marketing content is being created at faster pace and regulatory rules are becoming more stringent. Successfully complying with a code of conduct, brand rules and regulatory rules takes more time from marketing and legal teams. In addition, there are different considerations for mapping relevant rules across different products, channels and markets.

Key challenges:

  • Volume of work
  • Complexity of rules
  • Consistency of decision making
  • Checking across multiple sources of rules
  • Scope for error and exposure to risk

Using automation for a first pass validation can save up to 70% of review time. It allows legal specialists to focus on validation rather than the more tedious elements of starting from a blank piece of paper, pulling together compliance frameworks and cross-referencing rules manually, one by one.

Forward thinking marketing and legal teams are focused on reducing the amount of time taken for marketing compliance, and empowering the wider team across legal, marketing and agencies to be compliant and reduce risk. Or put another way, they are moving towards a compliance first way of working and moving away from compliance as a last step bottleneck. Automating the compliance process delivers both of these benefits.

The rise of Large Language Models (LLM’s) and the popularity of ChatGPT has underlined the power of using generative AI. However this is one part of the approach to automated marketing compliance. There are numerous considerations in the design of the solution and the techniques used to successfully deliver automated marketing compliance with consistently high accuracy rates. There are also a wide range of models and approaches to get the best results. These span image style models, object detection models, word detection models, word meaning / understanding and sentiment models, large language models and word embedding approaches for context understanding and translation.

Effective automated compliance solutions for large organizations are not sold as products. We work with innovative organisations to design and deliver automated marketing compliance solutions. Our solutions span advertising images and copy, automated label compliance checking and document compliance using our Compliance Engine.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help your team benefit from our experience of delivering high quality automated compliance tools.

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