Free leading edge AI marketing compliance tool!

20 March 2024

Algospark is offering you the opportunity to review your advertising images against the UK Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) rules using our Compliance Copilot UK tool.

Do you work in Marketing or Legal and would like to improve and speed up your compliance processes? We would like you to join us and take advantage of our Compliance Copilot beta launch. It is an easy use yet sophisticated tool that automatically checks all ASA rules using leading edge AI techniques. The tool provides decision consistency and saves significant time and money. We believe it is a significant asset for teams wanting to improve the quality of compliance and expedite compliance processes.

Algospark has been developing compliance solutions for marketing, labels and promotional materials for several years. We are an AI specialist that has worked with numerous organisations to improve their compliance procedures. We are now giving you the opportunity to use and feedback on our Compliance Copilot tool.

To learn more:

To go straight to registration and get started:

Want to discuss this further or adapt it to suit your particular requirements?

We look forward to helping you with your compliance processes and hearing your feedback!

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