Happy 2022! Algospark frameworks for fast track AI implementation in the New Year

4 January 2022

Happy New Year! We are driving forward in 2022 with a strong set of applied AI frameworks to help clients fast track delivery of applied AI solutions.

Hospitality: Location Spark (new site selection tool) and Retail Cube (coordinated forecasting framework for operational excellence).

Image compliance: we have significantly developed our computer vision frameworks during 2021. These now support fast track development for image compliance and label compliance solutions.

Customer experience: proactive customer management framework (rather than typical reactive customer service) and our "Xuuu" customer insights framework.

Inventory management: next generation tools for yield optimisation that support airlines, hotel chains and other businesses with services for sale at given points in time.

Machine reading: frameworks that deliver document summarisation, reading prioritisation and comparison. These have been developed for the finance and healthcare sectors.

Our wider range of frameworks spans sales, operations and innovation across multiple industries. In addition, we offer applied analytics and bespoke development and implementation services for AI solutions.

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