5 December 2020

Building on the shoulders of giants: transfer learning in NLP

Transfer learning is a way for data science experiments to build on existing successful models. It has been popular in Computer Vision …
15 September 2020

Algospark Becomes Microsoft PowerBI Partner and Launches Core Insights Service

We are proud to be a Microsoft Power BI partner. PowerBI is at the heart of Algospark Core Insights Consultancy. We map, …
4 September 2020

Algospark AI Use Case Grid

Here is our AI Use Case Grid. We use this to shape early discussions about where AI can drive most value from …
25 August 2020

Cost Benefit Analysis of Azure Cloud Database Migration

A good methodology for cloud migration business cases from Microsoft and Forrester. The DBA's that tell you cloud is more expensive normally …
24 August 2020

Algospark Introduction Video

This video is an introduction to what we do, solutions we have delivered and how we approach new opportunities.
24 May 2020

Using AI to drive growth in asset management

Algospark recently gave a presentation to CEO's and industry pioneers at the YPO organization about how to fast track benefits from applied …
8 April 2020

Federated learning: using personal data without seeing the data

Federated learning is a form of distributed model training where data remains on client devices. This means data is not passed directly …
2 April 2020

Algospark becomes Microsoft Silver Partner for Data Analytics

We are proud to demonstrate our competence across Azure machine learning solutions and become a Microsoft Silver Partner for Data Analytics. Algospark …
18 December 2019

Algospark joins Microsoft AI Inner Circle Partners

We are proud to announce that Algospark has joined Microsoft's AI Inner Circle Partner program. The program includes specialists that are able …
8 December 2019

Legal Week Innovation Through Technology Finalist

Congratulations to the visionary Legal Team at Pernod Ricard Global Travel Retail for their "highly commended" award at the British Legal Awards …
3 October 2019

State of AI in the UK

As part of the launch of "Future Decoded 2019", Microsoft UK have released this report, Accelerating Competitive Advantage with AI.  It contains …
11 September 2019

Fast Track AI Solutions

There has never been a better time to explore new innovation opportunities using analytics and applied AI solutions! How do you get …
14 May 2019

Data Innovation: shortage of specialist skills and competencies to ask the right questions and spot the opportunities

Excellent summary in report from CBI and Nexus University of Leeds: "Changing nature of R&D: building an innovation ecosystem for the data …
1 April 2019 data visualisation

Big thanks to Uber for supporting! It facilitates amazing javascript visualisations by bringing together D3 objects, Mapbox, React, GPU rendering and …
29 January 2019

Fun in the Playground

Why write a blog about how to build a neural net classifier when you can visualize how it works in the awesome …
24 January 2019

Value from Verbatim

Want to reduce complaints, focus on customer priorities and reduce churn? You can do this by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and …
16 January 2019

Premier League AI

Football is predictable? We are predicting that Arsenal win the Arsenal v Chelsea fixture this weekend. We use an ensemble of three …
22 November 2018

AI Innovation Hubs - Bridging the Gap Between Opportunity and Action

Data is everywhere, the insights are exciting and it can power the next generation of systems investment. This is the accepted wisdom, …
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