5 March 2023

Algospark re-design

We have reflected and redesigned! Our web site has been re-imagined using an optimised mix of human and AI design. We continue …
6 February 2023

Vision for vision

Our vision for vision is to develop automated computer vision solutions to drive value for legal, marketing and content creation teams. Do …
5 January 2023

Empowering New Year Innovation with AI

Happy New Year! Planning to make an impact in 2023? Are you an innovative leader looking to develop new services and improve …
19 November 2022

Lowering risk for new site selection

Do you work in retail, hospitality or leisure? Would you like to expand to new sites at lower risk? Resilient brands are …
3 November 2022

Gail’s Bakery: 101 of New Site Selection

We are delighted to celebrate the milestone of Gail’s Bakery opening their 101st site in Brunswick Place! Algospark began working with Gail’s Bakery …
24 October 2022

AI in Global Marketing and Communication Compliance

Many compliance departments are facing increasing legal workloads in ever-more complex regulatory environments.  AI brings an opportunity to automate some of the …
18 September 2022

AI Image Review Engine

Want to improve your image review process and make your content creation more cost effective? If you work in content design, content …
11 September 2022

Get ahead of changing prices and volatile trading with Next Generation Analytics and Applied AI

Slow reaction to price changes mean that margins suffer. Do you rely on feedback from sales and procurement to identify performance outliers? …
12 July 2022

Launching Algospark Deal Support Services: Data & AI Due Diligence and Implementation

Are you a fund or a new acquirer looking to get the most out of a new acquisition? Algospark Deal Support Services …
30 June 2022

Helping Hospitality Position for Success

Do you work with the hospitality sector? Tired of doom and gloom? Want to plan for great customer experiences and get the …
19 June 2022

Algospark Vision Solutions

Algospark image compliance solutions for advertising and labels - helping marketing, legal teams and content agencies. Are you manually compiling and completing …
12 June 2022

Next Generation Analytics for Finance Professionals

Are you using Excel sheets stored on shared drives for your reports? Do you forecast based on last year or last month …
18 May 2022

The Art and Science of New Site Selection

Finding new sites and executing a growth strategy in retail and hospitality is not simple. Good site selection involves reviewing multiple sites …
6 May 2022

Algospark becomes Microsoft Power BI Solutions Partner

We are proud to announce that we have been upgraded from a Power BI Partner to a Power BI Solutions Partner. Algospark …
23 March 2022

Applied AI: what board members should know and be asking:

Darren Wilkinson presented a webinar to the In Touch Network about applied AI and what they should know and be asking. Darren's …
18 March 2022

Algospark Microsoft Gold and Cyber Secure

Algospark are proud to renew our Microsoft Gold Data Analytics & Data Platform credentials. We have also re-certified for Cyber Essentials, developed …
9 March 2022

Helping Hospitality Grow

Looking to expand to new sites? Finding the right sites time consuming and difficult? Gail’s Bakery are executing their expansion strategy using …
22 February 2022

Remove the Complex from Image Compliance

Did you know that there are 415 rules that apply to UK advertising? Some are conditional to specific industries. Ensuring your ads …
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